Allaoua Gaham

Lululemon Ambassador


Country: France


Languages: French & English


Yoga Teacher: Yoga, Animal Flow, Systema



– High Intensity

– Cognitive Stretch

– Anatomical Alignment


Allaoua gave up ten years of corporate career to dedicate himself to other’s personnel development and well-being. Allaoua explores all aspect of body biomechanics and metabolism to understand, develop and share every methods and practices that empower human being.


Certified from Zen Den Florida, he received his trainings from Ira Om, Munishwer Goswami and Rangaji Ramanchandran and have personally trained with Jacob Manning, Mike Fitch, Sean Phelps, Val Riazanov, Ido Portal, Jonah Kest and many other inspiring professionals, learning from them and growing through their experience and enseignements.


By specialising himself into deep understanding of yoga mechanisms and anatomical alignment of movement, Allaoua created and developed his own signature classes Warrior Flow and Active Stretch & Mobility.


Allaoua participates in major yoga social events in Dubai, Yoga Vibes, Dubai Yoga Challenge, X-Yoga, Yoga Fest and have been nominated Fitness Personality of 2018 & 2020 by Reps and Sport360, making him an active member of Dubai yoga’s community.


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