Miriam Titmus



Country: England UK


Language: English


Pilates Teacher: STOTT Pilates instructor Mat/Reformer, Lagree Fitness instructor & Yoga 200 RYT



– Intuitive

– Dynamic

– Intense




Miriam a certified Pilate’s, Lagree & Yoga instructor who has over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry with a background of Psychology and Neuroscience.


This foundation allowed Miriam to excel in her career as one of the leading international pilates instructors, working with clients and VIP’s globally — including LONDON, LOS ANGELES, IBIZA, CANNES, DUBAI and ABU DHABI.


Miriam’s core mission is to focus not only on physical transformation but bringing awareness to how we breath, move, eat, think and feel—all of which translates into who we are.

Miriam offers an innovative full body toning experience, which consists of a series of exercises designed to create those strong lean lines and emphasizes on breathing techniques to help center the body and mind


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