Sabrina Biljana Neitzel


Plan-based Nutritionist 



Country: Germany


Language : English, German & Serbian 


Yoga Teacher : Power, Yin, Meditation, Stretching, Plant based Nutritionist, Theta Healing 



– Powerful

– Passionate

– Connection to Soul



Sabrina is an International Yoga Instructor who has taught Yoga in Europe, Asia and now in Dubai. Her love for yoga began more than 10 years ago, led by her natural passion for healthy living and wellness.


After experiencing all the amazing benefits Yoga and Meditation has to offer she was trifled to pass on this experience to others to feel the same way.


She is teaching her students to learn body, mind and soul’s awareness through artful alignment. In her teachings she wants to inspire others to challenge themselves on the mat, while having fun and feeling their best self.


Sabrina loves and teaches every kind of Yoga and so she became a Face Yoga Instructor which combined with Yoga gives people the perfect beautiful look not only for their body shape also for the enhancement of their face beauty.


Beeing plant based since 10 years she made the Vegan Raw Food Cooking Course in the school of Matthew Kenney, now Plantlab, in Venice Beach – Los Angeles and became a Vegan Raw-Food Chef and in addition to it she decided to become a Plant Based Nutritionist because she always wanted to help others to make healthier food choices, because our body is the only place we have to live and we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves.

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