Soniya Mehra

My journey with yoga began almost 13 years ago as a teenager. Being born & brought up on the coast of East Africa in Mombasa, Kenya, I was always a natures child and believed in living in the moment. After moving to Mumbai in 2007 my love for Yoga then became a passion. I started to explore different forms such as Acro, Bikram, Dharma Metta, Goddess Yoga, Jivamukhti, Kundalini, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin. Finding some peace of mind in the fast city and glamour industry,which I was then a part of, through my Yoga practice.

Being a Sagittarius my love for travel & adventurous spirit is never ending. I have travelled the world seeking Yoga and Meditation classes, Spiritual work, Healing Arts & Prana Awakening work. Always avid to dive deep into this infinite world of self discovery, realigning my spirit, soul connection and eventually journeying on to guide others in doing the same. 

I’ve completed a 300 Hour Hatha Yoga Teachers Training Certificate in Goa, India. I am also a certified Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner, Crystal Therapy 1 & 2 certified, Sound Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowls Level 1,2 & 3 Certified, as well as practicing Thai Massage and Aromatherapy- incorporating all into my practice. I am also certified to conduct Osho Meditations, as well as a Spirit, Wellness and Life coach. 

With all my experiences and learnings through life, so far, along with my journey with Yoga, Meditation and Healing Arts in the past 13 years I bring you -‘ShivaShakti Flow Yoga’. This is an intense Asana based practice, where almost every class has something new to offer.

I believe in the soul being eternal and that we are all on this planet for a mission, the mission being… To be the best version of ourselves and reconnect to our spirit. To me yoga is all about freedom and healing. Feeling free in your body and freeing your mind, healing yourself from within. Using asanas, meditation and pranaymas as vehicles to obtain this. Unity of the mind, body and soul taking us on the path towards pure Samadhi.