Gong Masterclass

Gong Masterclass - Sound Healing & Meditation

Gong Masterclass (Sound Healing & Meditation)
By Zarine Dadachanji

In a Mindfulness Gong and Sound Immersion, you are invited to sit or lie down comfortably, gently shut your eyes and are taken through a guided visualization journey of breathing and deep relaxation as you de-stress and release your tensions, pains and fears. Your breath is your first healer. Along with sound, it assists in releasing pain and negative emotions like anger and fear. During this time, as the sounds wash over you, your body relaxes and your mind is soothed. You can move beyond your thoughts and simply, be present, in the “now” of the sound. It is in this beautiful space that you can relax, transform and heal.

Come and set your personal intentions, breathe, relax and have them powerfully amplified by sound vibration. As the sounds wash over, around and through you, entering every pore of your skin, your entire body becomes a giant “ear”! Integration for relaxation, happiness, health and manifestation thus occur, at a cellular level.

Sound vibration is a potent tool that balances the body and mind, bringing you back into a state of harmony, peace, balance and health.

You will be given tips and tools to better ground, center, align and remain calm and focused henceforth.

Gong and Sound Sessions:

  • Release Stress and tension
  • Provide deep cellular relaxation
  • Enhance well-being
  • Integrate your personal intentions
  • Balance the body and mind
  • Create a sense of peace, calm and happiness

Zarine is a facilitator for guided, sound sessions. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments during the sessions. She continues to study the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux. She facilitates these sessions all over the UAE and has played in England, France, San Diego, Karachi and Kuwait.

Date: March 27, Friday
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Price : 160 AED (inclusive of 5%Vat)
Please call us to secure a spot
Contact No. +971 4 4477087

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