Kirtan Masterclass

Kirtan Masterclass - Mantra & Meditation singingKirtan Masterclass (Meditation & Mantra Singing)
by Nitai & Friends

Think about how many sounds we hear in a day and imagine how that affects our consciousness. What if we could consciously take in sound that was meant to uplift us?

Kirtan combines music and mantra — words and sounds that vibrate at the highest level of awareness. It is an effortless and joyful way to meditate. You simply let the music and mantra do the work for you (especially if you’re one of those who find seated meditation difficult, a singing meditation can be just the ticket). As you sing with each other in a group, you may experience a deep connection with the musicians, other members and even yourself.

This week we will be having Nitai and the Kirtan Dubai team with us, who is known for his enchanting and melodious kirtan. Fortunate to have grown up in a Bhakti Yoga community, Nitai has been practicing yoga for over 6 years. He especially loves being absorbed in kirtan with others!

Come join us, Nitai and the Kirtan Dubai community on this perfect opportunity for a reconnection to your higher self!

Date: March 13, Friday
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Price : FREE
Please call us to secure a spot
Contact No. +971 4 4477087