Marianne Tafani

Master Instructor



Country: French


Language: English & French


Pilates Instructor: Fully certified (PAI), Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Instructor Trainer, NeuroPilates and ScolioPilates Instructor 






-Connected Intensity




A fully-certified Pilates instructor, Marianne is known for her expertise in core function / dysfunction, her attention to form, and the variety of non-Pilates techniques she instills in her teaching.


Growing up as a rhythmic gymnast, Marianne suffered from a number of injuries that led her to stop competing altogether at age 16.


Whilst studying politics and economics in London in 2008, Marianne took her first Pilates class which proved life-changing.

She worked in politics in France but never lost track of her passion for nutritious movement. Her career and passion merged again in 2015 when she moved to Dubai.


In a matter of years Marianne completed 950 hours of continued education and taught over 5,000 hours: 90-minute Core Challenges on one end of the teaching spectrum, and clinical Pilates in clinics such as Up and Running on the other.


After a challenging first childbirth and postpartum recovery in 2017, she decided to work towards developing a more holistic, thorough, and compassionate approach to prenatal and postnatal training: She created workshops for expecting women, along with a comprehensive prenatal and postnatal course for instructors.


As she developed her now go-to abdominal rehabilitation programme in Dubai and helped over 600 new mums with their recovery, she was struck by how relevant the techniques she used with new mothers were to regular clients and to the men she assisted with their shoulder, pelvic or spinal rehab alike. That’s how Core Connect, her method and brand, came to be.


Marianne is now a happy mum of two. Her munchkins have been instrumental to both her professional and personal growth.


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