“At Yoga La Vie, I’ve learned how Yoga is about each individual and their unique physical abilities – which can be enjoyed in the company of others.”
Linda Grey | Dubai
“I have taken Barre classes at a number of places and from many different instructors. None of them have been as skilled or as sensitive to my individual needs as Lexi.”
Belinda Dawson | Dubai
“Pilates was recommended to me by my physiotherapist to help prevent injuries to my back. I finally listened to her advice and started attending classes which have made a huge difference to my physical confidence. Although I am still hyper mobile, I have become strong enough to protect my back. Pilates? I wouldn't be without it!”
Anna Van Tunen | Dubai
“My one-to-one Pilates sessions have resolved my pelvic floor post pregnancy problems, which no-one else could.”
Dana El-Gamal | Dubai
“Anyone who sits and types at a computer all day, should try Dina's Ariel silk yoga classes – they are magical and always put me in a good mood.”
Alex Duff | Scotland
“After trying a lot of different yoga studios, I must say that this one really stands out. The setting is clean and smells nice and you can leave your mat at the studio and they clean it and store it in the studio for your next visit. The front desk includes a bottle of wonderful smelling hand lotion and mat cleanser. Somebody cares, I love that!"
Amanda Taylor | Dubai
“I found the Vinyasa class extremely challenging but not overwhelming. You could see that there were folks of different abilities, so I didn't think I was too odd by skipping some of the wonderfully-demonstrated hand stands. It’s in an ideal location, has free parking and flexible opening hours.”
Anastasia Voronova | Dubai
“Yoga La Vie is probably the best yoga studio I have seen in Dubai so far. The location is a bonus and there is no traffic!”
Phil Wood | Dubai
As an avid Pilates aficiando, it was so refreshing to try Aerial Pilates with Lexi and experience the traditional core base movements in a lightweight hammock. It released alot of tension in my back! Now I sleep like a baby!
Hermoine Macura | Dubai, UAE

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