Pilates Classes

Yoga La Vie studios takes a contemporary approach to Pilates instruction, which is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates, but has been adapted to adhere to modern scientific research regarding proper biomechanics.

Pilates focuses on the principles of utilizing core strength, precision, body control and flow of functional movement with sequenced breath. Pilates can help create long, lean, and defined muscles, while also helping to reduce stress, creating awareness in the body, and improving mental clarity.

Pilates Mat-Beginners:

This class is designed to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of pilates and elementary movements. This class is recommended for those who have never taken Pilates before, less experienced participants or those recovering from an injury.

Pilates Mat Intermediate and Advanced:

These classes focus on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The instructor presents the exercises at multiple levels, which allows students to choose to work at an intermediate or advanced pace. This class is not suitable for Beginners. Students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. Various props (e.g. flex bands, foam rollers, rings, light weights, and balls) are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout.

Pilates Equipment Introduction:

Don’t be intimidated by the Pilates Reformer – once you understand how it functions, you’ll have a blast during your sessions. Our instructors will take you through each exercise and ensure you are using proper form to reap the benefits. The reformer helps to strengthen your core muscles and increase your flexibility and is great cross training for other sports. Your first Introduction class is free.

Pilates Equipment – Reformer & Towers:

These classes utilize the primary Pilates apparatus: Reformers and towers. The spring resistance of the specialized equipment provides a challenging, bone strengthening endurance workout.  Best of all, the equipment is easily customizable for the user which allows individuals to work at an appropriate fitness level with visible results after 10 to 12 regular sessions.

If you are new to using Pilates equipment, we suggest that you take an Introductory Pilates class or a few private sessions to learn the basics before you get started in a group class. Advanced registration required.

Pre-requisite for getting started on Pilates equipment:

There is a pre-requisite of 10 beginners classes before you may join an intermediate equipment class. We have found that familiarity and understanding of the spring settings and a basic grasp of the exercises, proper body alignment, and correct form greatly enhance the results of a Pilates practice.
If you have satisfied this pre-requisite elsewhere we will help to schedule you into a class that fits your needs.

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